About Evelyn

Hi! I’m Evelyn Fonseca, the founder of The Scribe’s Portion. I’m glad you stopped by to meet me! I will tell you a little about myself and then I will share 12 random facts about me (I hope not to bore you!) 

I’m your typical mid-twenty-something gal born and raised in southwest Arizona. I was blessed to be born into a loving Christian home with parents who raised me to fear the LORD, for which I could never be thankful enough. From a young age, I absolutely loved to write. I wrote poems, short stories, kept journals, but above everything, I loved to write about my faith.

Upon graduating from high school, I went to college to study nursing but ended up dropping out after 3 1/2 years due to tuition costs. I was devastated because I truly believed nursing was God’s calling in my life. So, without much thought, I enrolled in a technical training school to become a certified medical assistant and got my first CMA job in a doctor’s office at 20.

At this point, I was determined to continue my dream and my calling to work in healthcare. Though, not a nurse, I was thrilled to be working in my niche helping people in their sickness. That excitement was quickly extinguished when after working in several different clinics through the course of 5 years, I felt extremely unfulfilled. I thought the problem was the work environment so I would quit, find another job, but after a couple months, the heavy feeling of unhappiness and unfulfillment returned. I took it to God and cannot tell you how many times I asked Him “What is your will for my life, LORD, because I know life shouldn’t feel like this. What am I doing wrong?” I picked up my pen and started to write again after a long hiatus. Nothing in the world has ever made me feel so passionate, as writing.

I embraced writing as my gift from God from a very young age. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would do it for a living. Up to that point, writing had only been a hobby. Though I toyed with the idea of turning writing into a career growing up, I believed the stereotype that artists go hungry.

After many years of prayer, God has answered and lit a fire inside this writer’s heart that has been growing, igniting, and starting other fires. If I have learned anything at all it is, that nothing we could ever do will mean anything, will influence no one, will not change the world, will be unfulfilling unless it’s to magnify the Kingdom of God. Everything else is just vanity, it is grass that withers and dies (Ecc. 1:14, Isaiah 40:8).  Founding this website has been my biggest leap of faith. A HUGE leap but one I’m not taking alone. 


12 Random Facts About Me

1. I’m a current student at Christian Leaders Institute 

2. I’m an ardent advocate for Israel and passionate for Jewish evangelism

3.  I LOVE stationery! 

4. I’m a sucker for historical drama (movies and books) 

5.  I like anything mint colored 

6. I find shopping for clothes boring (but not shopping at Michaels! *wink) 

7. I have a mild fear of automatic sliding doors and elevators   

8. I love me some Italian food

9. I’ll take tea over coffee any day (where are my tea lovers at?!) 

10. I’m a book hoarder

11. I’m obsessed with tiny houses and living off the grid (One day I hope to join this lifestyle!)

12. And last but not least, I love you all! 🙂  

I hope I didn’t take much of your time and thank you for taking the time to read this page. No, really I appreciate it 🙂 I pray the peace of God may come upon your life and shower you with joy. If you would like to contact me you can do so by clicking here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything be it for prayer requests or doctrinal questions. May God bless you abundantly with the riches of His glory! 

Your Sister,