Psalm 19:7-14: The Transformational Word


 Monday Psalm Devotional Study




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The Word of God is Transformational

It was said that during WWII, American troops landed on an island far from civilization. On that island lived a tribe of natives that were known to be rudimentary. One day, an American soldier came upon a native man reading a Bible. The soldier approached the man and said, “I am glad, we civilized people don’t believe in those fairy tales anymore.” The man looked at him and replied, “Well, I’m glad that we do or you would have been our dinner tonight.” 

While this story is probably fictitious, we cannot deny that the Word of God has the power to convict, move the hardest of hearts and radically transform the toughest characters. We see it all throughout Scripture; the adulterous woman in John 8, the possessed man of Mark 5, Jesus’ apostles, Nicodemus, Paul, and all the other unmentioned people. They were changed when they heard the message of salvation and they crashed against the power of the Word. No other book in the history of mankind has had the authority to transform as the Bible. 




Six Transformational Truths

This second portion of Psalm 19 is so rich, we will meditate on 6 life-altering truths the Word provides to the thirsty soul. Let us dive in and be transformed!

The law CONVERTS the soul

Without the law of God, we would not have any form of morality. This is not to say that in revering the law one becomes legalistic, but in knowing the law, we delight in knowing the ways of the LORD. How is a person to change his/her present misery if it were not for the guidance toward the right direction? This is what the law does, it points the way to eternal salvation, how can it not be worthy of our praise? This law CONVERTS, it is not a list of dos and don’ts. Lists don’t do much. But God’s Word is a pair of bifocals on poor eyesight, it is a light in the darkness, it is truly transformational. 


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The Lord’s testimony gives wisdom

God’s testimony of sinlessness is set against the ugly sins of man- it enlightens the soul, giving wisdom, guiding it toward righteousness. Jesus is our ultimate example and his example is our testimony to follow.  But this requires a teachable attitude, and the humble take the prize.


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His statues make the heart rejoice

God’s precepts make thee right and happy. His decrees are righteous, making the heart clean and bringing joy to the soul.

The Commandments separate right from wrong

The fear of the LORD endures forever

This is not being afraid of God, this is having godly fear, respect, and reverence for the LORD.

The judgments of the LORD are true & righteous

If the word of God emphasizes His commandments and his perfect law, then this should move us to learn to delight in it. To embrace His precious word. Oh, His Word, is not just a book! His Word is LIFE, it gives life to the dead and the dying! God’s Word is the power and authority to redeem the lost, to guide them, transform them and give them joy! Oh, His word is sweeter than honey! 

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

(Psalm 119:103, ESV)

May His word be in our hearts and minds, that we may be acceptable and righteous before the presence of God. 


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