Psalm 84: In The Sanctuary Of God


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The Pilgrimage Song

Oh, what a beautiful psalm! A song of longing for the holy sanctuary of GOD! This psalm is a song of pilgrimage, sung by those whose hearts are looking forward to making aliyah. Aliyah is the term used in Hebrew to refer to the journey back to Israel. In this psalm, the people are making aliyah to the City of David. As they journey, their focus is not on the dusty road but on their destination.

I’d like to think, that as the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea into the Promised Land, their hearts were full of joy at the prospect of finally going home(Exodus 13:17-22, 14). After many years of bondage, they were FREE. What a journey that must have been! To see the hand of the Almighty God outstretched in liberation! The emotion of the Jewish people is captured in the song of Moses in Exodus 15:1-21. Check it out!




The Doorkeeper

The doorkeeper of the city gates had a very simple job: to keep the entrance door to the city. The psalmist says that it is better to stand at the entrance of God’s house, from where you can merely glimpse into the Holy City than to be in the midst of the worldly crowd. It is better to spend ONE DAY at the entrance than spend a thousand outside. One day is sufficient to taste the glory of God. His presence is so tangible, so real, so POWERFUL, so holy, so life-altering, that you need only catch a glimpse of it to be filled. How much more can we receive if we spent day and night at the door? Oh brethren, the Power emanating from the sanctuary drenches the soul through to soak! One day could never be enough!

Don’t hold on

You may be crossing the Sinai, but be not dismayed! God parted the Red Sea! Is there anything we cannot receive from Him who can make the seas divide? He wants you to focus on His face, let Him deal with your worries. Let us rest in His presence, He has already overcome! Reclaim the victory and submerge yourself in His presence. Our journey is made less heavy when we realize that…

 His precious presence is power! 

Let us be soaked up in His presence, Abba Father wants to share the power of His glory with you. Dwelleth not on the torn road we tread on but may our sights be on the glorified city of God. The sorrow we may be feeling now, cannot compare to what is ahead. This life is merely our aliyah…

 So, let us run to the sanctuary! 

Let us run to the sanctuary! That we may get but a TASTE of His glory. And one day, we shall dwell in the courts with our King! 




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